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Yoga today is accepted across globe as a beneficial practice. It is widely misunderstood as a form of exercise for weight loss. The benefits are infinite and weight loss or good health is only a small by-product only.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which when translated into English means “union”. Union with what? With the ultimate or God or Infinity. It cannot be explained but has to be experienced. It is like explaining the taste of Mango to someone who has not even seen the fruit.

Origin of Yoga is as old as the starting of mankind. A proper documentation is done by saga “Pathanjali”. His compilation is called “Yoga Suthra”. Yoga science is based on “Sthoola” (Physical) and “Sookshma” (Astral or minute) components. For example Sthoola denotes our physical body and Sookshma is our subtle body or soul.

Shape of the bricks are same but we can design any type of building or house using them. So bricks are the basic elements for buildings , bridges and all structures.

According to Yoga the basic elements of all universe (Not limited to our small Earth !!! ) are the “ Pancha Bhoothas”. Pancha means Five(5) and Bhoothas means Elements.

What are they ?





Space / Ether






Science of Yoga says all living , non living , universe and astral bodies are associated with these 5 basic elements. Pancha bhoothas are arranged or “designed” to form all the above mentioned forms, including human beings. Billions of permutations and combinations are possible with these 5 elements and that is the reason why we see so much variety in this world and across universe.

Human form is also a combination of Panchabhoothas and when this balance is disturbed we feel the effect in the form diseases – either physical or that which affecting our mind.

Knowingly or unknowingly these 5 elements are associated with our daily life in many ways.

Few examples are stated here:

If you observe daily rituals in a temple it is closely associated with Panchabhoothas.

Fire – Lamp

Air – Dhoopam Stick / Agarbatthi / Blowing of Conch (Shankhu)

Space – Flowers

Earth – Offering to Deity ( Prasad / Fruits )

Water – Theertham

Five fingers in each hand represent Panchabhoothas. When we say Namasthe, all fingers touch together. Indirectly we are doing Yoga, to bring together the 5 elements. This is a Yoga Mudra. ( Will soon post a separate article elaborating about Yoga Mudras and their healing effects)

Panchabhoothas are also linked to our body

Fire – Hunger / Desires

Air – Breathing

Space –  Mind / Thoughts

Earth – Physical body (Muscles , Bones, Organs )

Water – Blood

In Vassthu Shasthra (Ancient Indian science/architecture for designing Buildings) 5 elements are represented at the following positions :

Fire – South East

Air – North West

Space –  Center Portion

Earth – South West

Water – North East

When we harmonize 5 elements in our house or building through Vasthu , peace and prosperity prevails at that place.

So when we try to understand these basic elements and keep them healthy and balanced all the superficial symptoms (Which modern Medical science calls as diseases) can be completely avoided.

By balancing the 5 elements we can live a peaceful life free of medicines and ailments.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu !!!!


Parenting is something which words cannot express.It’s something you have to go through , experience [Smell of hospital, touch of a new born baby, sleepless nights etc.]

Hey!! i am not complaining , after all it is a wonderful life changing experience (not like the one’s management gurus promise you! )

Trying to jot down the sweet memories and my learnings from the innocence of a 1.5 year old boy(my son).

During this period i have learned lot of new terms/vocabulary like :

a)nappy b)rocker c)Size zero ….. terms which i was blissfully unaware earlier!!!

Another set of “luxuries” like Morning newspaper reading ritual, watching TV, Cleanly arranged home etc. vanished from my life during this period.Also found out that all babies have a weakness towards neatly folded clothes,newspaper,crockery etc.!!!

Absence of these privileges are more than compensated by the playfulness of my son.Watching him is like watching a bud becoming a flower.His baby talk is better than any music to me.(Though i am not forgetting his screaming sessions !!!)

I feel the enormous responsibility of guiding him to become a responsible person, assisting him to grow into an emotionally and socially balanced individual.

Watching him is like taking a time machine journey, hours pass by without notice.My spiritual guru ( ) used to tell us in his speeches to be a kid always.True meaning of that is unfolding infront of me through my son.Take a small scenario like below :

He will ask for something which cannot be given(Like sharp objects or medicine packs).we will deny it and he will start crying and throw a big tantrum.Sometimes he will scold us,with both his little hands raised, and in a language which is known to him and god only.The very next moment something else which is silly to us (read grown ups) , will catch his attention.With tears rolling down his cheeks , he will start smiling.Smile, which is like the first ray of sunlight on a cloudy day.This will be followed by a loud laughter which touches your soul.

For a moment he is crying, the next it is all smiles.He is living in the moment.He has left his unhappiness and embraced his pleasant self with ease.Compare this with us adults , we will take bad remarks/incidents into our memory,store it there for long(Some times for a whole life time!!!) and brood anger against the person who made the remarks.If only we can be kids at mind, we can have much less burden to carry with us.

Recent research also shows that a kid smiles 400-500 times in a day but when he or she grows up it becomes 10-15 smiles per day! (I know people who are even below this range on being happy !!!) . So try to be a kid in your mind.Live in the moment.Don’t keep anger or ill feeling in your mind.It is garbage.Throw it out as early as possible.SMILE more often.

All said and done , our little kid is like a sun, lighting-up our lives with his innocence and making us thankful to god everyday, every moment…………

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