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Adithya / Surya  (Sun god) is the light of our planet.Life cannot exist with out his grace on earth.Trees cannot bear fruit (by photosynthesis) if sunlight is not available.

In short all life forms on earth depend on him to survive , yet we take him for granted.

It is believed that chanting ” Aditya hrudaya ” mantra will protect you from enemies and always keep you healthy.

Adithya Hryudaya Manthra :

Santhapa Nasha Kaaraya Namaha

Andhakarantha Kaaraya Namo Namaha

Chinthamane Chidha Aananthaayathe Namaha

Neehara Naasha Kaaraya Namo Namaha

Moha Vinasha Kaaraya Namo Namaha

Shanthaya Raudraya Saumyaya Khoraya

Kanthimatham Kanthi Roopayathe Namaha

Sthavara Jangama Charchayayathe Namaha

Devaya Vishwyka Sakshinethe Namaha

Sathya Pradhanaya Tatwayathe Namaha

Sathya Swaroopaya Nithyam Namo Namaha.

Note : Recite this mantra only between the time period – From sunrise (morning) up to 12pm(Mid-day).Please don’t chant this after 12pm as the sun starts his decent towards sun set.


OM ……. Ganapathaye Namaha!!!

Navagraha Ganapathy

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Hindus all over the world follow birth charts based on NavaGrahas (9 planets).Modern science may not agree with this but also cannot prove against it too.It is said that the position of these 9 planets at the time of birth , determines the characteristics and fate of a person’s life.It may be hard to digest in the millennium years, but look at this possibility :

We all know that gravitational force exists.We also are aware of the low and high tides in the sea(Caused by the gravitational pull of moon on earth).Imagine the same invisible pull and push forces which exist between earth and the other planets.Ancient sagas found that these web of magnetic forces which navagrahas (9 planets) exerts on earth is significant enough to cause changes in the brain pattern of a newborn baby.Based on this effects, billions of permutations and combinations of the planetary positions were analysed and based on that the science of astrology came into existence.

Navagraha Pooja

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To ward off the ill effects and improve the positive energy by favorable planetary positions you can chant the following sloka for Navagrahas :

Aarogyam pradadathuno Dinakara / Chandro yasho nirmalam

Bhoomim Bhoomisutha Sudhaamshu Thanaya / Prajyam Gurur gourava

Kavya komala Vagvila samathulam / Mandho mudam sarvada

Rahur bahu balam virodha shamanam / Kethur kulasonnayathim

After chanting this sloka for 1 0r 8 /16/64/108 times chant the following for 8 times :

Oam Navagrahaya Namaha

There is no harm in creating a positive electromagnetic force , which envelops you invisibly all the times.By chanting this mantra your negative effects due to bad “dasha” or planetary positions will be significantly reduced.Agree that fate/karma cannot be changed but definitly the ill effects can be diluted by devotion to god (Enegy beyond our definition).This mantra will help you to remove “grahadoshams” and serve as a quick fix for all of us with nil or little time to spare.

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