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Adithya / Surya  (Sun god) is the light of our planet.Life cannot exist with out his grace on earth.Trees cannot bear fruit (by photosynthesis) if sunlight is not available.

In short all life forms on earth depend on him to survive , yet we take him for granted.

It is believed that chanting ” Aditya hrudaya ” mantra will protect you from enemies and always keep you healthy.

Adithya Hryudaya Manthra :

Santhapa Nasha Kaaraya Namaha

Andhakarantha Kaaraya Namo Namaha

Chinthamane Chidha Aananthaayathe Namaha

Neehara Naasha Kaaraya Namo Namaha

Moha Vinasha Kaaraya Namo Namaha

Shanthaya Raudraya Saumyaya Khoraya

Kanthimatham Kanthi Roopayathe Namaha

Sthavara Jangama Charchayayathe Namaha

Devaya Vishwyka Sakshinethe Namaha

Sathya Pradhanaya Tatwayathe Namaha

Sathya Swaroopaya Nithyam Namo Namaha.

Note : Recite this mantra only between the time period – From sunrise (morning) up to 12pm(Mid-day).Please don’t chant this after 12pm as the sun starts his decent towards sun set.


Are you experiencing a bad dasha or period in your horoscope?
Are you been continuously nagged by ill health despite taking all precautions, exercise and medical care?
Are you having a day long fatigue feeling and tried all tricks to get the energy back?

Any of your dear and near one’s are suffering from continuous ill health?

If Yes , then try chanting these powerful Dhanwanthari Mantras to keep illness at bay. Any way it is ok to try some thing which has no ill effects on you and doesn’t cost you any money!!!!!

Gentle reminder-Mantra only and no exercise will not improve your condition ūüôā

Lord Dhanwantari

Lord Dhanwantari, as per hindu Vedas and Puranas, is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Dhanvantari is said to be the God of Ayurvedic medicine and physician of the Gods.Lord Dhanvantari is worshiped by devotees to seek his blessings and for sound health. Lord Dhanwantari is portrayed as “Chatur Bahu” Vishnu (with four hands), holding medical herbs in one hand and a pot containing rejuvenating nectar called amrita in another.

Incarnation of Lord Dhanvantari

According to Shreemad Bhagwat and Sushrut Samhita , Lord Dhanvantari emerged from the ocean with a pot of Amrit when the ocean of milk was churned by Gods and demons for Amrita (nectar). Goddess Mahalakshmi also re-born on the same day and therefore the birthdays of Goddess Lakshmi (Dhan Teras) and Lord Dhanvantari are celebrated on the same day. Lord Dhanvantari emerged out of the ocean holding Amrit Pot, Shankha, Chakra and Jalauka in his four hands. Lord Dhanvantari protects all living beings from diseases, untimely death and eliminates sorrows.

Practitioners of Ayurveda (the Indian traditional medicine) celebrates Dhanvantari Jayanti with much devotion.Devotees also make it a point to visit Lord Dhanwantari Temples to seek his blessings for good health.

Dhanvantari Mantra for Good Health

Lord Dhanvantari Mantra or Dhanwantri Mantra is the prayer addressed to appease Lord Dhanvantari, the God of Ayurvedic medicine. Lord Dhanwantari is considered to be the earliest practitioner of Ayurveda – a system of traditional medicine native to India.

Dhanvantari Mantra :

Om Namo Bhagavathe
Maha Sudharshanaya
Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye;
Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya
Sarva Bhaya Vinashanaya
Sarva Roga Nivaranaya
Thri Lokaya Pathaye
Thri Lokaya Nithaye
Sri Maha Vishnu Swarupaya
Sri Dhanvantri Swarupaya
Sri Sri Sri Aoushadha Chakra Narayanaya Namaha

Meaning of Dhanvantari Mantra

We pray to the God, who is known as Sudarshana Vasudeva Dhanvantari. He holds the Kalasham full of nectar of immortality. Lord Dhanvantri removes all fears and removes all diseases. He is the well wisher and the preserver of the three worlds. Dhanvantari is like Lord Vishnu, empowered to heal the Jiva souls. We bow to the Lord of Ayurveda.

Short (Eka Sloka) Dhanvantari Mantras :
1) Namani Dhanwanthary Aadi Devam , Surasura Vanditham Pada Padmam, Loke Jara Rugbhay Mrityu Nashakam , Datharam Eesham

Meaning :- “O Lord Dhanvantary, I bestow before you.Your Lotus feet is worshiped both by the Sur[Good people] / Asur [Demons or Bad people]. You have the power to keep away people of this world from Miseries, diseases, ailments, Oldness, fear of diseases. O God, give me your blessings and medicines to cure the sick humanity.

2) “Shankham chakramuparyadhashcha karyordivyaushidham dakshine,Vamenanyakaren sambhratsudhakumbham jalaukavalim”

3) “Achyuthananda Govinda Vishno Narayanamrith Roganme Nashay Asheshanashu Dhanwantharaye Hare”

4) Vishnoh Krishna Janardhana Achyutham Hare Narayana Shree Pathe, Vaikunda Mrutham Kashavam Mukundananda Damodaram , Shaure Madhavam Padmanabha Bhagavan Govinda Dhanwanthare , Roganme Nithyam Nivaryathu Te Namamratham Sampratam.

List of Dhanvantari Temples in South India:

1.Dhanwantari Temple At Ranganathaswamy Temple , Srirangam ,Tamil Nadu.
2.Sri Dhanwantari Temple – Located at Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Campus (Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam and Research Institute),Coimbatore ,Tamilnadu
3.Lord Dhanvantari Temple , Nelluva – Located at about 20 km from Guruvayur,Thrissur,Kerala.
4.Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple – Situated at Pulamanthole, Malappuram,Kerala
5.Sree Dhanwantari Temple – At Peringavu ,Thrissur , Kerala
6.Dhanwantari Temple – Erumapetty, Vadakkanchery ,Thrissur , Kerala
7.Dhanvantri Kshetram (temple) – Situated at the outskirts of Calicut, Kerala
8.Dhanvantari Temple – Kannur (Cannanore) , Kerala

There are no major permanent temples dedicated to Lord Dhanwantari in North India.

Chant these mantras 8,16,64 or 108 times based on your time availability.Use these mantras when you are requested to pray for any one who is sick or ill.

May Lord Dhanwanthari bestow good health, longevity and youthfulness to all of us.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu !!!!

NarasimhaSwami & Lakshmi-

Oh ya !!! i know you all have doubts by now – by chanting this mantra or prayer how can one be free of debt and more than that become wealthy?

Answer is simple.This mantra is not a currency printing machine.But it creates a strong energy which attracts luck to you and your endeavors.
Imagine the scenario of a boat with out engine or oars.What is the use.You are stuck.

This powerful (and fierce) Narasimha stotram will be the oar which helps you sail through the sea of debt to the land of prosperity !!!!

Try it and let us know your feed back.


1) This is not an instant fix.Give it some time.Recite this daily  (preferably in the evening) for atleast 90 days and see how the doors of luck and opportunities open for you.

2) Runa or Rina in Sanskrit means debt/poverty.

Ohm Narasimhaya Namaha !!!
Ohm Narasimhaya Namaha !!!
Ohm Narasimhaya Namaha !!!

NarasimhaSwami -Fierce-Form

Runa Vimochana Narasimha Stotra:

Sri Narasimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
For achieving the divine mission, He who emerged out of a pillar, in the Court hall (of the demon) to such a greatly valourous Lord Narasimha, I am praying to liquidate my debts.

bhaktaanaam varadaayakam
Narasimham mahaveeram
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
To the valorous Sri Narasimha , who has embraced the Goddess Lakshmi on the left side of His chest and who fulfills the wishes of the devotees, I am praying to Him to give me relief from my debts.

Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha
Chakraabja aayudhaarinim
Narasimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
To the greatly valorous Sri Narasimha, who is wearing the intestines (of Hiranyakasipu) as a garland, who carries weapons like Conch and the Discus, I am praying to relieve me from my debts.

Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam
kadrooja visha naasanam
Narasimham mahaaveeraam
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
To the greatly valorous Sri Narasimha, who rids us of all our sins as soon as we remember Him, to Him who takes away (removes) the poison of the serpents who are the children of Kadru, I am praying to relieve me from my debts.

Prahlaada varadam sreesam
Narasimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
To Him, who gave boons to Prahlada, He who is the Lord of Sri, who tore apart and killed the Raakshasa King, to the greatly valorous Sri Narasimha, I pray to relieve me of my debts.

Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Narasimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
To the greatly valorous Sri Narasimha who gives protection to the devotees (confers fearlessness) from the sufferings inflicted by cruel planets, I pray to relieve me of my debts.

Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Narasimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye

Meaning :
To Sri Narasimha who is Master of the Vedas, Vedaantas and sacrifices, to whom salutations are offered by Brahma, Rudra and others, I am praying to relieve me of my debts.

Ya idam pathate nityam runa
mochana samjnitam
Anrunee jaayate sadyo dhanam
sheeghram avaapnuyaat

Meaning :
One who regularly reads this Runa Vimochana Stotra will not be afflicted by debts. Further, very soon he will obtain money and become a wealthy person.


Ohm NaMah ShiVaYa
Om Nama Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya

Many knows this is the “panchakshari” (5 letter) beeja or moola mantra for lord Shiva.
Now where are these 5 letters ? What is the significance of this mantra? What is the meaning of this mantra?
Let’s look at the excerpts from ” Avdhoot Babaji’s ” question & answer session:

“Shiv Panchakshari Mantra is drawn from the five elements of nature namely, Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire. This Mantra is capable of cleansing up all these elements. See of this Bija Mantra has all the characteristics of its parent body. In a way it is a miniscule of its parent form, complete with everything. A Seed of a gigantic banyan tree is a comparatively tiny object but it has everything in it, right from trunk, leaves and other attributes. Shiv Panchakshari Mantra is evolved from the five seeds of aforesaid natural elements, Namah Shivaya. Na Consecrates Prithvi Tatva, Ma does the same with Jal Tatva (Water factor) Shi energizes Agni Tatva (Fire element) Va energizes Vayu Tatva (Air factor) and finally Ya energizes Akash Tatva (Sky element). Om purifies Bramhatatva and Crown Chakra.

Whevever a Sadhak invokes this Mantra during meditation or Tandav, he does so giving the impression as if he is applying percussion beats on every Chakra, using the skillful strokes of a Tabla Player. On the note of Na he starts from Muladhara, with Ma he reaches Swadisthar, as he says Shi he enters Manipur and at Anahata he produces the sound Vaya. In a subtle manner if you look at the whole pattern it seems like a sequence of percussion notes of Mridang (musical instrument).

Shiv Panchakshari Mantra has terrific vibrations which cleanse all five elements present inside the body.¬† “

All the “panchabhootas” are tied together with the string of lord shiva’s shakthi to make this beautiful mantra “garland”.

It’s evident from many other old scriptures like “Shiva Purana” and “Vedas” that chanting of this basic panchakshari mantra itself will lead the devotee or seeker towards “moksha” or “Eternal Bliss” or “Success (Both spiritual&materialistic)”.

So chant or sing panchakshari and be with Shiva in the bliss trance !!!

Ohm NaMah ShiVaYa
Om Nama Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
Ohm Nama Shivaya

Ohm Shivoham … Ohm Shivoham…. Rudra Namam Bhajeham….Bhajeham……

Do you have any thing additional to add to this brief write-up on Shiva panchakshari? Send your views and openions to us.

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