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Pradakshinam is a ritual done by every Hindu on a daily basis , while visiting a temple or doing a pooja. Pradakshinam has to be done at temple in such a way that the deity or god is always on the right side (Dakshina) of your body. Hence the name “Pra-Dakshina”.

Pradakshina Manthra – To be chanted while doing the pradakshinam :

Yani kani cha papani                      (Sins ,whatever it may be)
Janmanthara krithani cha             (done in this and previous births)

Thani thani vinashyanthi              (all of them be destroyed)
Pradakshinam pade pade             (by doing Pradakshinam- step by step)

yani kani–whatever; ca–and; papani–sins; Janmantara – this birth and earlier births; kritani – done (by me); ca–also, tani tani–all of them; vinashyanti — are destroyed; pradaksinam– (by) the self circumambulation ; pade pade–at every step.

This Sloka says that Pradakshina will distroy all sins. Pradakshinam is nothing but a way to bow down to the Aathma (purusha) residing inside your physical body. By doing so all your sins are cleansed. It also helps you to be aware of the presence of divine energy with in you.

While doing pooja at home you can do “Aathma  Pradikshanam “ , if you don’t have space.This is done by rotating clockwise 3 times while chanting the above mentioned Pradakshina Manthra.


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